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About Us



Formerly The New England Diamond Dawgs, then the Jr. Spinners Baseball Club, USA Prime New England is an elite travel and tournament baseball club.

Our club plays a complete New Balance Select League season schedule as well as participates in baseball Tournaments throughout New England and the Northeast.

USA Prime New England was founded in 2023 by Marc Deschenes to offer the opportunity for winter training in the off-season and a full schedule of tournament baseball play.

Our baseball club is approaching its 2023/2024 season. Our program features professional instructors who are dedicated to fostering and promoting the development of individual players in a competitive baseball environment.

Our program is performance based and and teams will be selected each year in tryouts for roster positions to play in the following season.

We take pride in our player development
and it shows with kids taking
their game to the next level!

Player Development

So much emphasis is placed on divisions, what happened to players understanding, learning and developing at the younger ages? Win now, hoist an 11 year old trophy in the air and boast a lopsided record. Those are all great in the whole developmental package, however we believe at USA Prime New England that players learning the game through good passionate coaching and our extensive time in the gym will take our players to the next level. This is the top priority and a philosophy we have instilled for years. We have encountered so many instances over the years where players arriving from other programs cannot understand the simple fundamentals of the game, cuts and relays, holding runners, how to run the bases to name a few. It is our goal throughout the year to help our players to learn and understand the game to play at the next level, we train our players to transition from year to year and field to field. We believe that proper placement and proper coaching at that level is the key to a maturing baseball player.


 Life Skills Baseball Academy is the home of USA Prime New England. Our retractable cages offer the flexibility to run extensive numbers of hitting stations, infield drills, situational play or live hit in a much bigger area making pitchers and hitters comfortable.  Another key and ever important component of the USA Prime New England program and all our area athletes is Complete Game Physical Therapy. CGPT is located inside Life Skills Baseball Academy and is convenient for our athletes to receive their Physical Therapy, be evaluated for potential risks and begin arm care and overall athletic programs to help them stay on the field and sustain the rigors of a baseball season. Greg Crossman, DPT, OCS, COMT, CSCS runs CGPT and has extensive knowledge in baseball and athletics. It has been a great fit and we are growing the program and introducing new components to better build our athletes.


Open Door Policy

At USA Prime New England we believe that having accessibility to coaches and directors is important for the growth of players and parents alike. USA Prime New England encourages communication between players and coaches, we believe this will help with the bonding process and make the game more comfortable and the learning experience more seamless. Parents are also welcome to inquire or communicate about things good or bad to help accelerate their players growth. We are here for the players, we have all played the game at a high level and our goal is to now use our skills to help our players enjoy and play the game to their highest level. Parents make a big financial, time and development commitment when choosing a program, that is why we want to be there to help in all aspects of the process.

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